Our Government Has Been Criminally Slow

The backbone of our modern society is the electrical grid. It is also the most vulnerable element of what allows us a modern life.
Without the electricity that we take for granted there would be no water from our faucets, no flushing toilets, no internet, TV or radio and no refrigeration, food distribution or fuel for our cars. Without electricity we would become a pre-industrial nation again…and millions would die. 


Our Electrical Grid (And Way of Life)
Is In Danger


The Danger of Massive Solar Flares

Our Electrical Grid and Way of Life is in Danger!

  1. Massive solar flares can and will devastate our electrical grid if we do nothing. It’s just science. And, according to NASA and other respected scientists, it’s just a matter of time. Experts estimate a 12% chance of a crippling solar storm within a decade.
  2. And while nature chooses its own time for massive solar events (like the 1859 “Carrington Event”) terror cells and rogue nations also have the means to crash the electrical grid by cyber-attacks, sending us back to the 1800’s.  It’s already happened elsewhere.
  3. A nuclear detonation, unseen high in our atmosphere, would crash the electrical grid. Will North Korea, Iran or other enemies of the United States find this crippling blow too tempting to resist?

The more than 300 massive transformers in the United States that step electricity up and down for transmission and home and business use would take years to replace once highly energetic particles from either a solar flare or an electro-magnetic pulse reduced transformer’s copper windings to slag.  Transformers are hard to manufacture, hard to transport and hard to install.

In those years there would be no refrigeration to preserve or transport food or sensitive medicines. Manufacturing and fuel production would halt.  Radio, television and internet communication systems would end in a blink and law enforcement would be hard pressed to keep officers on the job.  Most deadly? Water pumping stations and sewage treatment systems would stop operating.

This danger to the United States and, indeed, the civilized world, is why ArmorGrid.org was created. We can “harden” the grid against solar flares, cyber attacks and EMP attacks. We can pre-place critical replacement parts and essential food and medicines, we can take steps to protect a core transportation capability. If we have the will and the good sense to get started.

But, as is too common, our government officials are late in preparing prudent defenses. It falls to us, Democrats, Republicans, Independents and those without any political affiliations to make government take the steps needed to protect us…in time.  Unlike many issues, this transcends any political differences. Whatever our political views, none of us can live more than three days without clean water.

Read on our pages what people say, how our systems work, what the dangers are and, if this scares you as it does us, join us. Add your voice to those of your fellow citizens who have a common purpose in pushing our government to act while there is time to protect our modern life.