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Our mission is simple and most people would agree with what we are trying to do: protect our vulnerable electrical grid before it suffers man-made or natural damage. 

But most people are not aware of how vulnerable we are and that means that our government is reacting too slowly. 

It makes our task clear—wake up the American people while we still have time to protect ourselves. To involve millions of people we need funds. That simple. Our plan is to bring our vulnerability into the open with TV, radio, social media, newspapers and even old-fashioned billboards. Whatever works to raise the alarm before disaster strikes us.  We will raise and deliver millions of petitions. We will leave our elected officials no choice but to listen and act. But time is our enemy.  

We believe that when the danger is known to millions of citizens our government will respond. Then we will watch and make sure, with public pressure that “government as usual” does not take five times as long to get the job done. 

But first, we need to raise the alarm. We need to explain and we need to meet with legislators and government officials—with petitions and public pressure in hand.

Please consider helping us. Sign the petition and donate generously.  Thank you for caring and for helping to, literally, save your nation and neighbors.