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If you trust our government to protect our electrical grid before a disastrous attack or natural disaster stop reading right now.

But if you believe it is only prudent to take steps to protect you and your family, stay with us. We fall in this category. Let’s talk survival but not, “wilderness survival”. We’re thinking about a “lights-out” scenario. Many of the basics still apply, including this one: it is panic and despondence that most commonly kills otherwise uninjured people in a survival situation. Keep your wits about you and be ready to adapt. 

First, you can monitor solar storms on a number of different websites. The fact is, bad solar flares take at least a few hours to arrive on Earth and sometimes as many as 24 hours.  This delay just might give you enough time to take some steps before a rare catastrophic event. Here is a list of “Space Weather” sites. For small monthly fee some will even text or e-mail you with warnings when bad solar storms occur.


Help Us Avoid Disaster
We like “Nitro-Pak” featured on this page because they are a solid company offering a wide range of reasonably priced products that could make all the difference.  Click on their display to see all that they offer. Remember to keep freeze dried food in a cool location to extend their useful life. 

Finally, help us avoid having to resort to survival tactics but signing our petition (We Petition Our Government.pdf) today. The sooner we armor our electrical grid, the sooner we can rest easier about a coming disaster. 

Being Prepared

Whether a solar storm or a terror attack or a hurricane, flood or other natural disaster we think it makes a lot of sense to take steps ahead of time and not trust that someone from a government will be there to take care of you.  

Preparing for the unexpected can be as simple or extensive as you feel prudent. Let’s start with the most basic ideas:

1. Water. We humans can go about two days without water before our body begins shutting down. Dehydration first affects our brains and reasoning so most survival experts put fresh, clean water near the top of the survival list. Most experts believe that in an extended “lights-out” disaster it is bad water that will harm and ultimately kill the greatest number of people. Water can be stored and suspect or contaminated water can be purified with either chemicals like bleach or purification devices or simply by boiling vigorously for at least ten minutes.  

2. Shelter. Shelter is actually at the top of the list for most wilderness survival experts because we can be injured or weakened by too hot, too cold or too wet weather before we ever find water. We’ll assume here that most people have shelter and leave it at that.

3. Food. Survivors have been known to last for six weeks and more without food. But the body begins breaking down first fat and them muscles and organs after a few days without food. The body weakens, the survivor feels very tired and the thinking process is affected. Freeze dried foods can now last as long as 25 years. Doesn’t it make sense to lay in a decent supply—just in case? 

4. Fire. When man discovered fire we dramatically increased human chances for survival. Fire is feared by predatory animals, we need it to cook our food, and it kills bacteria in contaminated water, lights our way and keeps us warm. If you, like most people, can’t make a fire without a match or a lighter, think about either learning how or always keeping waterproof matches and/or a fire making flint handy. It’s basic for a reason. It’s important.

5. Protection. A least a good knife allows you to fashion tools, cut food and protect yourself. A good sleeping bag is another basic that can keep you warm and well rested to survive when the absence of heat becomes an issue. For protection against both predatory animals (and human ones) and for hunting many Americans learn to safely use and store a firearm. Without at least basic safety and gun handling training—and secure storage--such a weapon may be more dangerous to you and those around you than not having one at all. 

6. Equipment. Just the basics--some first aid supplies, water purification devices or tablets, a good bucket, an axe or hatchet for wood, some insect repellent or insect nets, maybe a water barrel for rain, waterproof matches or a fire-starting flint and a cooking grill. 

Protection of electric devices against EMP or Coronal Mass Ejection (solar) storms.

It’s called a
Faraday Cage and it stops highly energetic particles. You probably already have one—it’s your microwave oven! The metal shielding around your microwave stops what would be harmful microwaves from burning you. It also stops energetic particles that can damage sensitive devices from getting inside. A Faraday Cage can be easily built but in a pinch use your microwave oven to protect devices (without turning it on!). 

Our Government Has Been Criminally Slow